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At Baron’s Playschool it is our hope for all the children in our service is to enjoy their time with us in a happy environment that supports children to develop as confident and competent individuals. We aim to support children’s transitions between rooms and to support children to grow into happy, confident school goers that leave our service with the skills they need to take on the next chapter of their lives.


Our curriculum is very much a strength-based approach, emergent and enquiry-based curriculum with some aspects of high scope, working in line with Aistear and Siolta on a daily basis. We observe and concentrate on what the children can do instead of what they cannot (YET). We see the children as capable confident learners and we are there to support them only in reaching their fullest potential.


Emergent and enquiry-based curriculum:

Our planning of the curriculum is done by looking at the interests of each individual child and then create meaningful experiences through play, based on these interests. We observe and assess how these activities go and add, change or develop it to build on emerging interests and scaffold the child’s learning. We set out these meaningful experiences at multiple ability levels to be in an inclusive environment.

We look on our children as being very capable learners and have set our room layout with toys, materials and equipment at the children’s level, so they can instigate child led activities independently. This allows us to observe the child’s interests and build on them accordingly.


Baron’s Playschool values parents and families and works together to build on the child’s care and education. It promotes family involvement as this is vital to find out what the child’s interest and strengths are. We have a good line of communication open to the children’s family on a day to day basis. Children have the opportunity to choose, plan and carry out activities on a daily basis. This allows children to develop confidently, gives them problem solving skills and gives them their skills to use their own initiative. We use aspects of the highscope curriculum in this setting gives a little extra to the children in ways of overcoming challenges in areas like conflict, the children learn how to resolve problems that arise in the playschool and when the children master this skill they have it for life.


In our setting we adhere to the 16 principals of Siolta, The National Quality Framework and Aistear, The National Curriculum Framework to make our setting a high quality setting with very high standards.

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